What Is Blogging

Blogging is a term heard frequently in the online world. Its meaning and purpose has definitely evolved over the years. Basically, it is the act of writing a blog. The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on December 27, 1997. Peter Merholz shortened the word weblog into blog in 1999. The term blogging rapidly gained in popularity.

The Early Years: FUN
Initially, a blog was someone’s personal experiences. You can think of it as an online diary.

Blogging was made popular by well known people, usually celebrities who had an online presence. Fans would read their blogs to find out what their favorite celebrities were doing or what thoughts they had on a particular trending topic. The topics were endless chatter of someone’s activity and opinions.

The Evolution: EDUCATION
Blogging has evolved to business owners using blogs to educate potential customers about their services or products. Many business websites have a page devoted to blogs so when a customer goes to the site there is always something new to read. Its a form of education.

Currently: To EARN MONEY
In today’s world of the Internet, online businesses are very popular. Everyday people are trading in their 9 to 5 jobs for the flexibility and unlimited potential of being their own boss. In addition, many of the baby boomers are looking for opportunities to increase their retirement income without having to do the traditional jobs. Blogging to earn money enters the picture as a popular solution. Businesses in all areas realized the potential customers available to them and are willing to pay a commission to people (bloggers) who advertise their products.

ANYONE Can Blog. You need 5 things:

      1. A Passion
      2. A Website
      3. A Place to Put the Website or Host It
      4. Rankings in Search Engines like Google
      5. People to Visit Your Site or Traffic

TOPICS are Endless
*It can be very specific, such as a hobby like tennis
*It can be more philosophical. Your thoughts on any number of things…family, Spirituality, health
Anything that interests you and you want to share with others.


At this point you may be thinking. You’d love to get paid for your thoughts. But so many questions……..

  • Who can blog?
  • Why would someone read my blog?
  • What do I blog about?
  • Where do I get readers or followers?
  • How do I earn money blogging?

Let’s face it. The Internet can provide answers to all those questions. There are endless websites that deal with this topic. You can search for days, finding one answer here, another on a different site. And then realizing that much of the information isn’t true or only provides you with some of the needed information. Wealthy Affiliate can answer all of you questions. It’s an all inclusive website that gives you step by step instructions and a communion support that is unparalleled.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you the way, providing extensive training and unlimited support.  You’ll learn how to develop your own niche, create a website, host the website, get ranked and get traffic.  Plus so much more through an active online community.

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