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Getting Paid for Your Thoughts

By now you thinking how exactly do I get paid for my thoughts? I certainly cannot charge a fee, as I’m not really providing a service or product.   And you would be exactly right (more on this later).  However, you are not going to be paid by your readers.  Your Wealthy Affiliate website is acting as a salesperson for any number of products that relate to your thoughts or content on your page.  It is the vendors and manufacturers of these products that will be paying you a commission for promoting their products.  It is that easy!

Let us look at the traditional sales job.  If you hold such a position, or know someone who does, this is what his or her day might entail:

  • Working hours of 9-5 to accommodate bosses and customers
  • Fighting rush hour traffic to get to the office or to go to appointments
  • Spending a good portion of your paycheck on a professional wardrobe
  • Paperwork that never seems to end
  • Limited income
  • Limited customers

This scenario is very costly for the companies who employ such people.  They have to provide the office space and all the expenses that entails – leases, insurance, utilities.  To be competitive and hire the best sales force, companies need to provide benefits such as insurance, vacations, retirement accounts.

Bottom Line

Companies are always looking for better, more economical ways to get their services and products to the consumers.

Let’s compare working at home to the traditional lifestyle:

  • Hours are flexible
  • No traffic to deal with
    • Car expenses are reduced…less gas, fewer maintenance costs
  • No costly wardrobes…you could work in your pajamas
  • Everything is done online – no messy sales receipts or paperwork
  • Income is unlimited dependent totally on your effort
  • Potential customers are almost unlimited……2 billion people are searching the internet each day for information and products.

Businesses would rather “employ” the home based sales person and avoid all the added expenses mentioned above.  They simply pay a commission to someone who refers customers to their products.  They do this by offering Affiliate Programs to people who operate websites.  Joining these are easy….just a simple online application.  Amazon is one of the biggest companies to offer these Affiliate Programs.  Possible products to promote are endless and many would be affiliated with your website content.  Of course, your application has to be approved.  Mainly, your website has to show that people are visiting the site.  This is where Wealthy Affiliate can help you.  Not only does it train you on how to build a terrific site, but the training also includes how to get traffic to your site.  Let’s be honest, you can spend hours developing the perfect site, but if no one is viewing it, it is all for nothing.  So do not delay, join Wealthy Affiliate today, for an investment of absolutely $0.

Getting PaidOne More Thing

Getting Paid for Your Thoughts can be much more of a business than just Affiliate Marketing.  Creating products based on your ideas is another source of income.  Put your thoughts into an e-book or a newsletter that people purchase or subscribe to for a fee.  Again, the supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate has numerous training videos to demonstrate how this is done.  Sign up at Wealthy Affiliate today and start Getting Paid for Your Thoughts!

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  1. What a unique take on making money with your website! I love the getting paid for your thoughts idea. Your idea is spot on and really makes sense as you explain it. It gives me a renewed desire to keep on doing what I do. Thanks!

  2. An Interesting spin on why to get involved with

    I like what you came up with “Getting paid for my thoughts”

    I hope you reach some people with this one!

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