How to Make Money by Writing Articles

Writing Articles

I often ask myself how I ended up trying to make money by writing articles.  It’s rather a long story, but it began when I decided to create an Online Business.  I wanted to be able to work from home.  Creating my own website seemed like something I could do.  I could sell things online.  There are so many successful websites that do that and they make it seem so simple.

I ran into one problem.  Remember, selling has never been my thing.  I just have never been comfortable convincing people to buy something.  That is the main reason MLM business opportunities never worked for me.  I am an Associate for a couple of companies that sell supplements and good nutritional products.  I love the products.  I purchase and use them all the time.  I just don’t feel comfortable telling other people that the products will work for them or that they will get the same results that I have gotten.  I also was a Personal Trainer for several years.  I really believed in the benefits of having a trainer yet I wasn’t able to market myself.  If someone came to me and wanted a trainer, I could easily show them how I would be able to help them.  However, I couldn’t seek out the clients.

Never the less, I still needed and wanted to have my own business, working from home.  I spent hours researching possibilities, but they all involved promoting me as some sort of expert on something and trying to sell that expertise to someone.  It just didn’t feel right.

I always enjoyed writing.  I felt I could express myself better in the written form.  In conversations, emotions often come into play, and it is so easy to get off topic.  For a number of years, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a group of engineers.  Many reports had to be written, of which I played a crucial role in editing and getting it into final form.  It started out one way, and by the time the final product was done, it had improved immensely.  I loved the creative process needed to get to the final product.  Each version was more precise and expressed the material in the best way possible.  Writing offers the opportunity to communicate in the most effective way because you have the chance to edit and clarify your thoughts.

At one point in my research, I friend sent me some information on a writing course.  It provided a number of ways to earn income by writing.

Writing Articles

  • Copywriting
  • Web writing
  • Resume writing
  • Grant writing
  • Money making websites or Affiliate Marketing

All of them involved having to market myself in some way and sell my product to somebody.  Again, this didn’t appeal to me.  However, Affiliate Market seemed different.  I simply was directing people to places where, if they were interested, they could purchase someone else’s product.  I thought this was a dream come true.  You mean I didn’t have to create a product, stock the product, promote the product, or sell the product!  The way that I could get people to those links was right in my wheelhouse.  Blogging.  I could simply make money by writing articles about different topics that interest me.  I could create a website, write about my thoughts, put a couple links on my site and people would go to the links and buy stuff.  Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  You have to learn all about creating a website and getting traffic to you site but I love the learning process so that part is fun.  Wealthy Affiliate was the tool that helped me with this.

So, here I am.  Communicating my thoughts, writing articles, and making commissions by directing people to places where they can buy products they find interesting.

These are my thoughts for the day. What are yours? Please leave a comment and let me know about your retirement.

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