New Me for the New Year

The New Year is well under way. All the celebrations are over and I’m back to my daily routines. This is a good time for reflection and analysis. I made some positive changes in my life last year, but I feel I need to kick it up another notch in this new year. It’s a New Me for the New Year. The two areas that I need to keep improving upon are health and finances. I think this is true for most people. I really believe if you don’t have good health, it is difficult to enjoy a good lifestyle that the money would provide.

I’ve been retired now for almost 4 years. My whole working years were spent looking forward to this time in my life. A time when I could have more freedom and choices as to how I spend my time. I was looking forward to not having to report and produce for bosses on their time schedule. The whole employee environment was always so stressful because I wasn’t in control. I had some great jobs and worked with wonderful people but that was never the problem. The lack of independence was the issue. So retirement was a welcomed stage of life. Unfortunately, I was forced to take an early retirement due to health issues. I’ve had MD for a number of years, but it had gotten to a point where I had to be in a wheelchair all the time and the weakness in my arms just prevented me from doing my job. Let me tell you, retirement isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Mainly because I was no longer earning an income. Benefits cover most of my expenses and savings are covering the rest. But when you aren’t contributing to those savings accounts, the balances go down pretty quickly. Plus, because of my health, I wasn’t able to participate in all the activities I thought I’d be doing in my retirement years. I soon realized though that even if I did have the perfect health and a good income, I needed something more. Something to stimulate the mind and continue to find new challenges.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and teaching that to other people. I had to find a “job” where I could do that but with new parameters. It had to be on my own terms. I wasn’t going to work for someone else. I wanted to be more creative. I needed more free time to focus on health…physical therapy and planning nutritious meals is time consuming. I didn’t want the stress associated with deadlines and performance reviews.

New Attitude

Building a business online was a good solution for me. It would allow me to work from home and have the flexibility that I wanted. If you’ve been reading my other posts, you know I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. This really was the vehicle I needed to build a website and earn money as an affiliate marketer. I spent all of last year engaged in the community, doing some of the training, and creating this website. But I’m not where I want to be. I needed a New Me for the New Year. I realized I was treating this business like a hobby. It was something fun to do in my spare time. If I really want to be a success, I knew I had to change my approach. So, I did. I am no longer retired. I am a writer, providing useful information to help others become independent and follow their dreams. I’m approaching this as a job, but it doesn’t have the stress associated with past jobs because I am doing it for me. Less stress equals better health. I schedule so many hours a day for training, another block for writing, and another time for engaging in the community. I still have time in the day to be “retired” when needed. Even though I am busy, Wealthy Affiliate is truly the answer to the New Me. Wealthy Affiliate offers so much guidance, training, and encouragement to help me in this transition. Please check it out. It could be the answer for you, as well.

New Me for the New You

These are my thoughts for the day. What are yours? Please leave a comment and let me know about your retirement.

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