We Are All the Same

Reading all the news reports and listening to all the commentaries, it is really easy to conclude that there are so many differences between people today.  It seems like there is no way for our country to come together.  Our government tends to organize people into groups for political purposes.  You’ve heard all the divisions:

  • Left/Right
  • Liberal/Conservative
  • LGBT Community
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Feminists
  • The One Percent
  • Rich/Poor
  • Minorities/Immigrants/Refuges
  • Retirees
  • Disabled

I think, as a society, this separation does more harm than good.  It makes each of these groups feel isolated from the rest of the population, making us all feel different with special, unique needs.  Certainly, this is true on one level.  A stay-at-home mom doesn’t have the same needs as a career woman.  They require different support groups, different wardrobes, and different schedules.  They use a different set of skills and talents needed to perform their daily tasks.  That is not to say that a particular group doesn’t have the skills needed to do other jobs.  However, in their current role, certain abilities are needed and utilized more than others.

Our Sameness

However, in spite of our differences, we need to focus on the things we have in common and the things that we all share as Human Beings of which there are many common qualities.

Universal Core Values and Standards

These are the principals and beliefs that each of us adopt to guide us in the decisions we make in our daily activities.  Values are the foundation on which our personal and professional ethics are built.  They are consistent and don’t change throughout are lifetime.  Much of these beliefs come from our religious backgrounds.  Examples of universal values are written into our constitution.  Being able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness is essential to all.  These are the most basic of the universal core values.

Respect for people and nature, justice, reliability, equality, safety, rule of law, peace are examples of what all of us can expect from our society.

Basic Personal Desires

The qualities that I feel can unite us as a nation are our personal desires.  These are more specific than the core values.  These desires have been talked about for ages and many motivational speakers refer to such qualities.  Tony Robbins, one of the more known speakers, has a list of the six basic needs.  I relate to a list mentioned by Millard Bennett, another motivational leader popular in the 50’s and 60’s.

Mr. Bennett talks about six Basic Desires that we all want and it does not matter the color of your skin, the size of your bank account, your age, your sex, or any of the descriptions we use to divide us.  They are:

  1. Good Health
  2. Good Relationships
  3. More Money and Things Money Can Buy
  4. Work Less to have Time for Families and Hobbies
  5. Freedom from Worry and Anxiety
  6. Personal Validation

Good Health

We all want to maximize our level of health so we can live long, productive lives.  During the course of our lives we want to be productive and contribute to society; we want to keep getting paid for our efforts.  The prize is reaching retirement age being able to enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for most of our lives.  We don’t want to spend our time at doctor’s offices or in hospitals, nor do we want to spend our money on expensive medications and medical procedures.  Stress is one of the major contributors to poor health, and jobs are one of the major factors in stress.

Good Relationships

I think good relationships are the foundation for so many areas in our life.  We all want to get along with the people we interact with daily.  Parent and children, siblings, teachers and students, employers and staff, husbands and wives, personal friendships, neighbors…the list of relationships we rely on each day and phase of our life is endless. We all want these interactions to be productive and joyful.

Money and Things Money Can Buy

By this I do not mean being rich just for the sake of having a lot of money to buy things.  However, we all need money to have the things that are important to us…food, clothing, housing.  We all want to earn enough money to provide or our children, to enjoy our hobbies, and save for our future.

Work Less to have Time for Families and Hobbies

We want balance in our lives. There are so many aspects to having a well rounded life and we want to enjoy them all.  Careers, families, friendships, personal time, and hobbies all require time, money, and effort.

Freedom from Worry and Anxiety

Time is so precious and there is so much living to do.  Worrying doesn’t solve anything.  But it does have a negative impact on our health and attitude.  To be able to wake each day with enthusiasm and purpose instead of worry and anxiety is something all of us desire.

Personal Validation

No matter who you are or where you are, love is a feeling that we all want to experience.  Feeling loved validates us and helps us to feel important.  Whenever you don’t understand someone or feel detached from them, remind yourself that they too, just like you, want to be loved and accepted.  I have never met anyone who disagrees with this life truth.

Feeling that you are important and that your existence makes a difference is a basic desire that we all have.

Are you meeting your Six Basic Desires?

There are so many pathways to getting these needs met.  I, personally think entrepreneurship is a path that is so often overlooked.  Traditional education provides you with a skill set that prepare you to work for someone else.  If your don’t have the aptitude for the tradition curriculum, you choices are limited.  You can go to trade school.  Perhaps, being self-employeed is another option.  This online website is the vehicle that works best for me and Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that I use for training and support.  You can evaluate it for yourself here.

These are my thoughts for the day. What are yours? Please leave a comment and let me know about your retirement.

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2 thoughts on “We Are All the Same

  1. Good afternoon Debbie,

    When I look at the world I see a big disbalance. This is mainly brought on by ourselves. There is enough for all of us to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life, the problem is it is not evenly distributed. You often see people who have a lot and only want more. They spend their entire life to get more wealth forgetting what the real reason is why they are here.
    I personally believe we are all equal and have the same rights and obligations. We should respect the traditions and religions of other people. You can believe what you want as long it does not harm anybody.
    We all come from the same source and we all will be going back to it.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,
      I agree with you about the inequality in the world. However, I think we all want the same things from life. The challenge is to provide the opportunity to everyone who wants them. I think we will be much more successful in this endeavor if we learn to be more independent in our thinking…not relying on “group think” and forging our own path. That is why programs like Wealthy Affiliate are important. The training and support makes the playing field for success equal.

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to engage. It’s helpful to get reaction to my thoughts.

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